About us

A little about our comparison site

Who we are

Business Switch Gas & Electric is focused on saving your company money on your gas and electric bills.

  • Business Switch Gas & Electric is here to help business' find the cheapest supplier of gas and electric. The cheapest supplier of gas and electric is dependent on geographical location and usage. We are independent so our advice is impartial and free!

  • We pride ourselves on the service we provide our clients. We take your current Electric and Gas usage and with your current supplier we use those rates to check against the other suppliers within the market to get you the best rate.

  • Our team of specially trained advisors can help you and your business with any questions or queries about the whole switching process; just call 03452 222 555.

What Business Switch Gas & Electric does

The energy market is a complicated business, especially when you are thinking of switching a business' energy. We are here to make the whole process so much simpler by doing the whole switching process, we can get your current supply rates and acquire quotes from across the supplier market to find your business the best deal possible.

Because we are a TPI we have access to the whole supplier market, so we get the best quotes off of all the current energy suppliers to find the best rate for your workplace. So when the information is presented to a supplier for a potential customer they give their best competitive rates to be compared with other supplier rates to get you the best deal.

This is achieved by us handling all the necessary paper work to set up the best supplier contracts for your new energy deal. This also gives us the opportunity to save SMEs as much time and money as possible.

How we can be trusted

We have helped many business' with acquiring the best possible contract for their energy needs by searching the whole of the supplier market for the best rates available for our clients needs. Our experience in this area will speak for itself when we represent your company and show how professional our standards are.

Business Switch Gas & Electric is TPI accredited. This means that we follow a set of standards that benchmarks responsible, high quality TPI's acting as intermediaries between micro-business customers and suppliers. The best part about this is that this whole process is voluntary, we value giving our clients a safe and professional service.