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We are trusted by all of our clients in multiple industries and we have seen our clients stay with us for many years and trust in our consultants.

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We have built an expert team of consultants to provide a stellar service and offering to new and existing clients. We pride ourselves in our offering and will continue improving as we scale.

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Our market intelligence allows us to offer more services for supporting businesses from SME to Corporates. We tailor this to the individual business energy needs and scale.

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What Business Switch Gas & Electric Does

The energy market is a complicated business, especially when you are thinking of switching a business' energy. We are here to make the whole process so much simpler by doing the whole switching process, we can get your current supply rates and acquire quotes from across the supplier market to find your business the best deal possible.

This is achieved by us handling all the necessary paper work to set up the best supplier contracts for your new energy deal. This also gives us the opportunity to save SMEs as much time and money as possible.